From the Section Manager

Welcome to OC Planned Communities. We are committed to efficient and expeditious planning, design, plan checking, financing, construction, inspection of infrastructure projects relating to local flood control, road, water quality, environmental and associated public works issues in Planned Communities that are under the jurisdiction of the County of Orange.

Our staff is comprised of engineers, project managers, support staff, and consultants dedicated to serving the residents and clients within these communities. We are committed to working with residents, clients and stakeholders to ensure that the infrastructure within your community is safe and implemented in a cost efficient and timely manner. We want to earn your trust and develop and maintain a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Therefore, I encourage you to tour our website and become familiar with the projects we are working on in your community. You will see various links throughout the website, including Q&A sections for each project, designed to encourage your participation in the process. Through these contacts you can partner with us to build and maintain a community of which we and generations to come will be proud. I encourage you to stay in touch with us.