OC Planned Communities

Welcome to the OC Planned Communities Website.

OC Planned Communities provides OC Public Works single point of contact for project management of public works projects in planned communities.

The OC Planned Communities is responsible for managing the County's role in the planning, design, financing, plan checking and construction of public and privately owned flood control (non-regional) facilities, highways, streets and related infrastructure built or funded by planned community developers so as to ensure timely delivery of high quality flood control, road and related projects in unincorporated (County) and incorporated (City) planned communities.

The section is also responsible for managing the planning and plan checking of flood control, highway and street facilities located in unincorporated and incorporated planned communities which will be owned by the County.

OC Planned Communities assists planned community master developers in securing funding, environmental approvals and regulatory permits when these activities help expedite implementation of planned community infrastructure and do not adversely impact public funds or County resources.


Mission Statement

Planned Communities effectively manages Land Uses and Infrastructure in Planned Communities.